Mini-Microsoft: The Anti-Scoble

While Robert Scoble represents the “Look at all of the cool things we’re doing” side of Microsoft, Mini-Microsoft shows us the dark, Dilbertian side of the NimbleBeast (Should I trademark that?).
In his latest post, Mini-MSFT points out how the HR process has become almost Orwellian in it’s self-referencing duh-ness. I am not sure I could work at a company that is described this way.

So if you’re a Microsoftie, take a moment to go through some of the new, emerging competencies nested in the Career Model site. The old competencies pretty much represent crisp, common-sense focused attributes divided into four increasingly challenging levels. The new competencies seem to be a cut-and-paste job of buzz-worded business jargon arbitrarily divided into four columns of no particular difference. For instance, in one of the competencies there are attributes in Level 4 that I sure know I’d be fired for not doing every day an issue came up at work.


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