…then I don’t want to work for you. [here]
Fred Wilson nails this one. I am someone who has a degree from a good Canadian University, a technical certificate that allowed me to get a job, and then 6 years of very intensive work experience to get where I am right now.
I consider that my six years of on the job training better than any degree program I could have gone through, as I was able to focus on the key topics that affect my specialty as a part of real-world scenarios. A sterile, controlled academic environment could not have given me that experience, or even prepared me for it.
If someone tells me they went to an “prestigious” university, I say “So, what can you do?”. I have learned that you get your “street cred” by doing, not being.
So, Mr./Ms. MBA from an Ivy League/”Prestigious” university — what can you do to make my customers want to work with us? What will you do to make my company “remarkable”?
Do it; don’t be it.