Zawodny: WordPress v. MT

Jeremy Zawodny weighs in with some comments on the growing differences in the WordPress and MT user groups. [here]
I agree with his comments, as I use b2evolution, which is effectively a branch in the WordPress family. It is all native PHP with a simple MySQL backend that I can run on a relatively underpowered server in my basement, and still look like I know what I am doing.
Heck, the app even survived a Scobelization last week.
Why b2evo over MT? I took a look a MT when I was shopping around for blog software to do self-hosting with when I wanted to move off TypePad, and when I read the MT user manual, I walked away. Sure, it may be richly featured and extremely powerful, but this is a hobby, not my life.
b2evo was so simple I neary cried. I unpacked the tarball, made some minor changes and I was blogging.
So, I thing that JZ is right on when he differentiates the two user populations. They will both be wildly successful, but WP will be for self-startes and maintainers, while MT will rely on highly-skilled IT teams for implementation and maintenance.
There is no good or bad; just different.

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