MySQL: I was NOT losing my mind…ok, not this time

I noticed that a new version (4.1.12) of MySQL was up on their site last night. I grabbed the RPMs (Yes, I am a binary-loving weenie, not a hardcore source jockey) and installed them.
For those of you who install MySQL from RPMs know that it takes 4 packages to get all of the components up and running correctly. I got 3 of the 4 running no problem.
The one that bombed is the one that contains the main server binaries. All sorts of backtrace and coredump type errors, and then no response from the DB. So I re-installed the previous Server RPM, and I am up and running. I just figured I am an idiot and moved on with my evening.
This morning, I went to the MySQL site. Lo and behold, all of the 4.1.12 downloads have been pulled.
I don’t feel like such an idiot anymore. And I am not alone: here are the Severity 1 bugs for MySQL 4.1.12. Two of them are identical to what I was seeing.

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