Gap.Com: Finally somebody else notices!

At my real job, we monitor and report on the performance of a number of different e-commerce verticals.
[I will now try and stop using marketing-speak.]
In the retail index, the Gap has been down for nearly 3 weeks. Well, they have come part way up, but it is flaky, and they don’t have a search function.
No search function? Oh yeah, let’s go shop somewhere else.
Anyway, Erick Schonfeld at Business 2.0 just linked to a story at adfreak about this little re-design outage.
20 days. And counting.
This is unheard of in the Internet economy. Well, not unheard of, but the only other site I know that had a similar re-design outage was Wal-Mart back in 2000.
The Gap is a savvy online retailer. Why couldn’t this been done in a more intelligent way? What has made this re-design so problematic?

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