Recruiters: Please read the damn resume

I have flamed two recruiters this week.
Why? Because they never bothered to read the resume.
One wanted me to be a technical support rep. The other wanted me to be an Oracle DBA/Developer.
One recruiter saw me copy the top executives at his firm with this lack of intelligence. This had a very positive result: I was able to engage in a conversation with these executives; they realize know that they need to approach things differently.
Why were these recruiters so stupid? Why don’t they get the new world? Why don’t they want to engage me in a proactive conversation about my future?
Why didn’t they bother to read the resume and then ask me what I want?
If this is what most recruiters do, then they are doomed, bound to go the way of the foosball table. They need to understand what Doug has: Candidates have the power.
Ignore this at your own risk.

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