I have been sitting at Gate 86 at SFO watching a little drama that gets played out thousands of times a day around the world. I call it the Hierarchy of Assumed Privilege.
The direct flight from SFO to Boston (the one I am not on) was full; nay, bursting.
Yet there were executive-types who were ANGRY at the counter staff when they couldn’t get their upgrades. The ones that they assume they are entitled to.
This is a completely asinine view of the world. Yes you support one airline and fly it a lot, and spend a lot of money with them. But unless you originally BOUGHT the (business|first)-class ticket in the first place, and those seats are gone, why are you venting your unnecessary frustration onto the one person who might be able to help you.
I have to laugh at people who use the anger card to try and get what they want. It shows that they don’t have anything left in their arsenal, and they don’t know that graciously accepting that they won’t get the upgrade may see them get treated in a more positive way, getting some upgrade of whatever kind is available.
Humans have to understand that we are all the same. We are all norn, and we all die. And thinking that what you do entitles you to be better than the rest means that you have failed as a human.
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