You just missed on a chance to over-deliver to me.

I got my brand-new Dimension E310 on Monday — ok, it’s Samantha’s computer and it has been sitting in a box all week because I have been in San Francisco.

I get home, fire it up, throw in the wireless card and works like a charm.

Except for one VERY annoying thing: the ATI TV tuner card doesn’t work. And this is the whole reason I chose an XP Media Edition machine. Media Edition doesn’t even detect the card; it simply doesn’t exist.

And no, I will not call support, because the machine should not have left the factory without being tested. And Dell knows that its support is not world-class. I will just yank the TV tuner out — and write a blog post about it.

Dell, you ALMOST had me sold that you could get it right.

This is the last Dell I buy.

UPDATE (Mar 26 2006): Ok, I sent an e-mail to Dell support, and THEY CAME THROUGH! They are going to send out a technician to replace the TV Tuner card. This should be interesting…

UPDATE (Mar 28 2006): Dell Tech came out and replaced the TV tuner card. No luck. Dell’s helpful response to the tech: re-install the operating system.

No. I don’t think so.

DELL: Replace the machine…NOW!

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